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List of Gemstones (Images and Data about Gemstones, Jewelry, Collector Stones, Minerals) - 236 Pages
  World Map of most important Gemstone Resources
  Valuation of Gemstones
  Mohs Scale, Rosiwal Scale, Vickers Scale

Gemstone Deposits (Maps)
  Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Greenland, Mexico, Mozambique, Namibia, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, South Africa,
  Sri Lanka, USA, Vietnam

Gemstone Search: Colors, Hardness, Refractive Indices, Density

Gemstone Prices: A rough price range of gemstones

Gemstone Glossary

Institutions (Gemstone Institutions and Faculties)

Museums (Gemstone Museums and other Collections)

  Gemstone Dealers
  Jewelry Designers
  Mineral Dealers
  Mineral Collectors



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